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A Look At Diesel Exhaust Tips

A diesel exhaust tip is a great finishing touch to your exhaust system. Apart from completing the look of your truck, the exhaust tip is also a perfect complement to an exhaust system upgrade as it works with other components of the vehicle to augment the sound.

Most people tend to wonder if exhaust tips can be able to alter the exhaust sound on their own. When they are used together with an upgraded exhaust system, including wider pipes or a performance muffler, they can amplify the new tones from the exhaust. The width and shape of a diesel exhaust tip can slightly change the sound to be either more throaty or raspy. Larger tips result into a more throaty sound while smaller tips result into a raspy sound. Double-walled muffler tips usually result into a full-bodied sound. On their own, the muffler tips tend to have a minimal effect on the exhaust sound.

Diesel exhaust tips can either be single walled or double walled. Single walled tips are constructed from a single layer of metal that is cut at each end while the double walled tips wrap around the metal back into themselves for an outward facing end that looks more finished. Keep in mind that double walled tips can have a fuller sound compared to single walled tips.

You can also purchase intercooled diesel exhaust tips which have ventilation around the inside of the exhaust pipe that cools gases as they get out of the system. These exhaust tips have a slight effect on the exhaust tone. They provide a softer sound. It is easy to identify an intercooled exhaust tip from the rest. You just need to look at the holes present in the end of the tip that meets the tailpipe.

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