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4BT Cummins Performance And Specs

The subject of engine swaps is a very sensitive topic in the off-road community. Diesel engines, specifically the 4BT Cummins, are becoming increasingly popular. This engine is mostly known to be used by off-roaders, this engine can also be found in 240SX drift cars to Mustang drag cars. Below are some of the 4BT Cummins's performance and specs.

 The first thing on the 4BT Cummins performance and specs is the engine basics. The 6BT Cummins, also known as the 12 Valve Cummins is legendary. The 6BT Cummins large size made it not fit in equipment or vehicles where there wasn't a big amount of space. Displacement: 3.9L – 292ci,Bore: 4.02″,Stroke: 4.72″,Configuration: Inline Four-Cylinder, Deck: Closed Deck, Weight: 750+lbs, Cylinder Head Material: Cast Iron, Engine Block Material: Cast Iron, Compression Ratio: 17.5:1,Valvetrain: OHV – 2 Valves per Cylinder, Horsepower: 105hp (4BT) – 170hp (4BTA),Torque: 265lb-ft (4BT) – 420lb-ft (4BTA), Out of the units listed above, weight is the most surprising. 

 While most four-cylinder comes in around 400-600lbs, the 4BT weighs a hefty 750+lbs (the exact number depends on engine dressings and fluid level.) Horsepower may seem relatively low, especially for a 3.9L engine, but you must remember that the 4BT was designed for low-end torque and superb reliability. The post-1998 version, 4BTA, had a significant power bump thanks to its jump from eight to sixteen valves. 

The other area is on the of the 4BT Cummins performance. The main being its application. Due to the size of the 4BT Cummins, it is mostly used for industrial purposes. It was initially used in the application of bread trucks. As far as its tuning potential is concerned, the 4BT Cummins is not a performance engine, hence its application in bread trucks. Fuel timing is crucial on the 4BT, so be sure to set it right, or you may have a blown engine on your hands. 

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